It’s time for high school math…and colleges use it as well.

Is your kid struggling with high school math? It’s time for your child to resolve that. Enrolling in college means high school math is over. There will be more starting with freshman year.

If your child has trouble with high school math, the desired path to progress is on hold.

Sometimes you may be too close to your child and the situation to get anywhere. That is not held against you. Maybe it is time for an objective outsider to help with more efficient guidance. 

What you and your child gain from working with me:

  1. SUCCESS: Meet, if not exceed, high school math requirements.  
  2. COLLEGE: Have a fighting chance to get your child into a good institution.
  3. PEACE OF MIND: Relieve exasperation, pressure, and concern.
  4. FUTURE EMPLOYMENT: Increase career opportunities as your child develops in math. 
  5. PRIDE AND SELF-ESTEEM: Restore or enhance your child’s confidence and courage.

Math can be challenging. I can make it easier to overcome. Please sign up for Your Child’s Breakthrough Discovery Session. This is a free initial meeting.

In it, you will get the following:

1. Address at least one challenge you see in your child’s math.

2. Discuss a blueprint for your child’s improvement in the subject.

3. If we are a match, I can share with you how I can continue to help. 

Please fill in the form below. 

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