Let’s get kids to succeed in math.

(even if they hate it right now)


There are many approaches. My style of engagement is lecture-style or Q & A. Content can be customized to your needs.Let’s discuss having me talk about it for your audience.


Whether low-income, charter, public, or parochial, you can become a leading institution of learning that brings kids from at or near the bottom all the way to the top.


Parents will benefit from the relief of knowing that someone who has been in their shoes is willing to usher them to a happy place.



Math education is the thing I could talk about day and night to an audience, a crowd, a mirror, a camera, or the surrounding air.

Plenty of kids don’t like math. I know from personal experience. Why is the question that needs to be answered.

When they don’t know what they’re doing yet, every math class is torture. Some students need more of an investment in what defeating that takes.

Lots of students have to meet math requirements for two main reasons–graduating from high school and acceptance to college. I like helping kids who need more attention reach those goals, so I work with those responsible for their math education in the years that count the most.