Plenty of kids don’t like math. Why is what needs to be answered and addressed. Math for teenagers is inevitable.

Image by Nicole Michalou

When students don’t know what they’re doing yet, every math class is torture. That means it happens multiple times per week. That’s a lot of pressure and discomfort for them. Some students need more of an investment in what it takes to defeat it.

High school graduation, jobs, and college acceptance are the main reasons state math requirements exist. Anyone considering a future in STEM will have to do even more over time.

Young adults who need more attention to reach those goals during the years that count the most–7th through 12th grade—are pressed for time. College-bound teenagers will need transcripts that prove their knowledge in math.

Remedial isn’t a bad word. It just means that someone needs targeted assistance during learning. Some people think it’s special education, but certain proof of that is needed.

Let’s get them to succeed in math even if they hate it right now.