Do you have any of these thoughts?

HOW WILL MY CHILD AND I HANDLE THE SHAME OF POSSIBLY NOT GRADUATING? Is your child concerned because of a weakness in math?

WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THEIR FEAR OF MATH? Does your child think they are unteachable or are they afraid of math despite your reassurance?

HOW DO I ESCAPE THE INSANITY? Have you often told your child what steps to take but were ignored?  

HOW DO I STOP FEELING JADED? Are you burnt out from years of trying and failing with your child’s math situation?

HAS MY PATIENCE WORN THIN? Have you been troubled by your impatience with your child despite your drive for their success?

IS A GOOD COLLEGE EVEN POSSIBLE IN THEIR FUTURE?  Are you concerned, anxious, or worried about whether your child will qualify? 

CAN THEY WIN SCHOLARSHIPS? Are you curious about or committed to getting your child a scholarship?

WHERE WILL I FIND THE RIGHT GUIDANCE? Is it time to acknowledge you may not have all the skills necessary for their math education?